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The document management system that lets you focus on the work that matters by organizing your documents the right way the first time.
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Access documents on the go with EDi Web Lite, an online version of EDi where you can access and download documents.


Store all your digital files in cabinets by department and define folder structures so that you never lose a document again.


No longer wonder if your team is working on the latest version of a document. EDi makes collaboration easy and keeps every version created of your documents.


Set permissions on cabinets, records, and documents. Know who is accessing information and what actions they have taken.

Expert document imaging

The safest and easiest way to build and organize your digital office

Start transforming your office into an organized, clutter-free environment. Go paperless, go green, go EDi.

Fast Document Search
Our powerful search engine helps you find your documents AND your documents' content
One location
All your records in one secure location allowing you to find the document you're looking for every time
Combine & Divide documents
EDi lets you either combine various documents into a single PDF document or divide a PDF just by selecting individual pages and clicking one button.
Personalized File Structure
Easily create personalized file structures that help you organize your files and documents according to your department's needs.
Version control
Keep track of all your file versions to make sure you always work on the latest file
File format flexibility
Work with Office 365 (i.e. Word) and PDFs inside the EDi platform

Value across industries

Our vast client experience across industry verticals help our customers excel in the digital world. Here are a few industries that have drastically improved their operational efficiency and improved their compliance audit by using EDi.
Pain: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) requires financial institutions to disclose loan information per HMDA's Regulation C. The CFPB requires the original loan documentation to be stored for data quality checks.

EDi: Helps our clients breeze through CFPB audits by  finding original loan documentation quickly and securely with Full Text Search and OCR technology. This helps our clients avoid Matters Requiring Attention (MRA) or consent orders by the CFBP.
Pain: The SEC requires accountants who audit or review an issuer's or registered investment company's financial statements to retain certain records for a period of seven years from conclusion of the audit or review.

EDi: Helps our clients store all their documentation securely while making it easily retrievable upon an SEC inquiry or consent order.
Pain: Private practices and hospitals have hundreds of thousands of medical records.

EDi: Helps our clients retrieve patient medical records easily. This eliminates the need to store the medical records in physical cabinets.
Pain: Educational institutions such as universities have thousands of student records. Finding the student record you are looking for can be time consuming.

EDi: Helps our clients find the student record they are looking for in seconds.
Pain: Companies of all sizes store documents on employees. Finding the file you want can be time consuming.

EDi: Helps our clients' HR departments stay organized with staff documentation.
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Never lose a document again

Once your organization implements the system you won't be able to live without it

Audit ready
Never worry about finding your documents for an audit inspection
Fast and secure
Powerful and secure search engine lets you find the document you're looking for in seconds

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